Patients & Visitors

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of individualized care to each of our patients. This patient focused approach is intended to promote long-term health and well being that results in a high degree of patient satisfaction. We want to make your visit with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. To make your surgery a successful experience, please read the following:

Non Discrimination Notice 

Additional Language Support (PDF)

Preparing for your surgery

  • The day before your surgery a staff member from the Surgery Center will call you to confirm your time of surgery. If you have not yet registered online, you may do so here.  If you prefer not to register online (or are having difficulty) please call the Surgery Center at 614-273-0400 to speak with one of our pre-admission testing nurses.
  • Your doctor or the Center’s pre-admission testing nurse will instruct you as to what time you are to stop eating and drinking prior to your surgery.
  • For women, if there is any possibility you are pregnant, please notify your doctor and the Center’s pre-admission testing nurse.
  • If you take medication for any condition, ask your doctor and/or the Center’s pre-admission testing nurse whether or not to take it the day of your surgery.
  • Take a shower both the evening before and the morning of your procedure.  Wash thoroughly paying particular attention to areas where an incision may be made.
  • Leave all valuables at home. This includes all jewelry, contacts, etc.
  • For your safety, please arrange for an adult to drive you home after surgery. You will not be allowed to drive yourself home if you received anesthesia.
  • Our policy is to have only one visitor per patient. The visitor must be 18 years of age or older to receive discharge instructions.
  • Please do not bring any children to the center. If you are unable to find child care then you may stay in the building’s main lobby (outside the surgical suite) or in your vehicle. A recovery nurse will call you when the patient is ready to leave and to inform you of the discharge instructions.
  • For safety reasons, you will also need to have supervision by a responsible adult for 24 hours following your procedure. Failure to arrange supervision may result in cancellation of your procedure. This policy does NOT apply to local only procedures or procedures with no anesthesia.
  • Notify your doctor of any changes in your health, such as a cold, fever, or sore throat.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have and be sure to let the staff know of any special needs.

Day of Surgery – including what to bring

  • Take a shower on the morning of your procedure.  Wash thoroughly paying particular attention to areas where an incision may be made.
  • Wear clean, comfortable, loose fitting clothes.
  • Arrive promptly at the time you are given by the Knightsbridge Surgery pre-admission testing nurse. This will allow adequate time for all necessary admission procedures.
  • Please bring your insurance card and photo identification.
  • Please bring a method of payment for what you may owe the surgery center.  If you have questions about what you owe, please call 614-273-0400 and ask for billing.
  • Be sure to bring any paperwork your doctor gave you, such as test results or your medical history. Also bring a list of medications you are taking, including supplements/vitamins.  This list should also include any medications that are on hold.
  • You will be asked to remove contact lenses, dentures, hearing aids, all jewelry, and any prosthesis.
  • Be sure to leave all valuables at home. Knightsbridge will not be held responsible for anything that is lost or stolen.

In the Recovery Area

  • After surgery, you will be moved to the recovery area where you will be closely monitored until you are ready to go home. An appropriate nurse to patient ratio guarantees our patients receive the optimum nursing care they deserve.
  • It is perfectly normal to feel discomfort in the area of your surgery. You may also experience some drowsiness or dizziness, depending on the kind of anesthesia you received.
  • When you are fully awake, your family will be able to join you. Although the times may vary, most patients are discharged within one hour after surgery.

Our center believes family involvement leads to a more successful recovery process.  Educational information is provided to help care-givers learn more about how they can be a part of the recovery process.

At home after surgery

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions for care while recovering at home.  In the event of any difficulty call your surgeon.

For the first 24 hours following surgery, do not:

  • Engage in strenuous activities
  • Drink any alcoholic beverages
  • Drive
  • Make any critical decisions

A nurse from the Surgery Center will call you within a day or two to evaluate how you are recovering at home.  You will be asked to complete a questionnaire about the care you received.  Your comments will enable us to continue to improve our services.